Sale of "Hand Made" Products

Nothing beats a relaxing bath! Get some pleasant time for yourself! Bath meditation, aroma therapy and relaxation - you achieve this by using the bath salts, fizzers and bath pralines, which can be purchased at the reception desk. Everything is made from natural ingredients only
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  • Bath salt - lemon grass, eucalyptus, lavender, orange, chamomile & ylang ylang, sandalwood, thyme, marigold: 59 CZK
  • Fizzers - jasmine, rose, thyme, marigold, lemon grass, eucalyptus, orange, chamomile & ylang ylang: 39 CZK
  • Bath pralines - banana and currant, raspberry & hemp: 39 CZK
  • Skin peeling - grapes & strawberries, almonds & apricot: 49 CZK
  • Body peeling - Tangerine & Ginger, cinnamon & Cherry: CZK 39
  • Facial Mask - blueberry, honey: 49 CZK
  • Some of the products are delivered only on demand

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