Lednice Valtice Areal and Hlohovec

Welcome to Lednice – Valtice Areal in the Czech Republic

Located in a picturesque region, historical monuments are situated in forests and gardens like pebbles, surrounded by an attractive and peaceful landscape, vineyards and wine cellars. This is the land where wine flows, locals sing songs of folklore and numerous folklore celebrations keep their traditions alive.

At early dawn, visitors board their bicycles and set out to discover the secrets of the thirty-hectare (sixty-two acre) Liechtenstein Manor. Cycling through a deep forest, suddenly the gothic revival Chapel of St. Hubertus, the Patron Saint of Hunters, appears on a sunny meadow. Here hunters ended their hunts. Everything that ends must have a beginning. Therefore the hunt started at the Rendezvous, or Diana’s Temple, situated among the trees of a pine forest. This monumental building is very conspicuously similar to the Arch de Triomphe in Paris, France. 

Standing high and proudly the Minaret in the beautiful Castle Park in Lednice reminds one of long forgotten Turkish invasions of Europe.  

The trails of bikers often cross at Jan’s Castle, a rare artificial ruin. Apollo Temple and the Pond’s Chateau look down from the hills on the Lednice Lakes. Tourists and  locals visit the interesting Hlohovec Chateau, once used to divide the border of Moravia and Austria.

Lednice and Valtice Castles and the Colonnade in Valtice are extremely well known. Lesser known sights equally worth visits are Belvedere ChateauHunter’s ChateauNew CourtObeliskPohansko Chateau, and the Three Graces Chateau, where the monumental sculpture of three beautiful bared women represent the Goddesses – Athena, Aphrodite and Arthemis. 

At sunset, when bikers leave their bicycles, the discovery is not yet finished! Importantly waiting to be discovered are the wine cellars and above all the golden and ruby wine with many delectable aromas and flavors – the highly awarded South  Moravia wine. 

So welcome to south Moravia, welcome to Lednice – Valtice Areal added to the world’s list of cultural and natural heritages of UNESCO* in 1996.

*United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization

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